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Congratulations to our knife giveaway winner

Knife Giveaway Result time: 
Eligible Orders: 462
Winner: 4584 SFHYLWDHV
County: Thailand
Email: i***x7@h*****
Product: Private Rank 2 Account

Bonus Giveaways 01/08/2016

Start : 01 Aug 2016
Ends : 20 Aug 2016
Flip Knife 
Giveaway Details.
  • Random order Number will win this giveaway.
  • Order must be placed between 01/08/2016 and 20/08/2016
  • Test Product or 0$ product along with Awaiting and canceled orders will not be counted
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  • You have to contact live support / Skype team and give trade url if you win.

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Cs:go related youTubers are invited to join us.
YouTube sponsorship is available.
minimum subscriber 500k
Min. views on each video 1500
Sponsership type temp and permanent depending upon your youTube performace.


Make Better Banner than this Size 160x600 or 768x90 and get 5usd wallet code.
Submit entries by tomorrow 10am.

Cs complete account with desired username and first Email.
Result Sunday 8th may 2016
Winner : Daniish UberPro


Csgo Fresh account

Winner :- Nazz Ubzz

Csgo Fresh account and Bioshock triple pack

Winner :- 

1) Aditya Bose (Csgo)
2) Debasish FaiTh Dutta (Bioshock)

Csgo fresh account (Desired username and first email)

Winner :- Muhammad Sufyan Sattar

"Stay tuned For more giveaways.'

Competition :

1) 27/03/2016 (

My Smurf Present : Cs:go Frag Movie Competetion.
do you love csgo? can you make frag video? do you have hidden talent ? if yes now is the time show us what you have got.
1) Use along with logo in start and end.
2) Upload Video on youtube and share link.
3) Share this post and tag some friends.
4) like page
5) Don't post video link not made by you or direct disqualified
Prizes are:
1st winner :Awp Electric Hive
2nd winner: M4a1s(Gaurdian| fn)
3rd 4th and 5th winner: stickers.
Result   : 20 April 2016
submit by: 19 April 2016
Good luck guys.

Result for Frag movie making competition,

1st    Nishant Murlidharan 

2nd  Dhananjay Goel            

3rd   Pavan Fulsunge            

4th   Milind Milindevil Athiya

5th   Vasudev Singh Chauhan


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